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There’s a wide range of Australian broadband plans to choose from which can be a little confusing so we are here to make your broadband choice as easy as possible. We compare broadband providers and a wide range of internet plans to ensure you get a great deal. As a broadband comparison site we aim to provide all of the information in an easy to use format so you can quickly and simply find the most suitable deal for your requirements at the cheapest price. At Broadband Expert we research deals from a huge range of providers on a daily basis. We’ve spent the time doing the research so you can quickly and easily research, compare and find the right plan.

ADSL, mobile broadband and wireless broadband plans, what’s the difference?

The three main types of broadband are fixed broadband plans, mobile broadband plans and wireless broadband plans. Fixed broadband deals describe a fixed line, usually an ADSL or ADSL2+ line which provides your connection. ADSL internet plans are the most common type of broadband deals at the moment but that’s changing with the National Broadband Plan (NBN) and the rollout of fibre optic internet to more and more locations which provides much faster speeds. Wireless broadband plans usually refer to fixed home internet connections which have a wireless router which means once your broadband connection reaches the router it provides a wireless internet connection so you can use it anywhere in the house on multiple computers or laptops. Wireless broadband packages can sometimes be confused with mobile broadband plans. Mobile broadband deals involve no fixed line whatsoever but rely on 3g broadband (and increasingly the much faster 4G broadband) coverage of the mobile networks. Mobile broadband is accessed via a USB stick, sometimes called a mobile internet stick or dongle which plugs into your laptop allowing you to get online instantly, so long as you are in an area of mobile, internet coverage. Mobile broadband can also refer to the data connection on your smartphone. You may have heard the term naked broadband or naked DSL as it is sometimes called which describes a type of ADSL2+ connection that does not require you to subscribe to a landline phone service. This is a great money saving option if you have no need for a landline and is very popular.

What should I consider when choosing a plan?

Take into account download speed, cost and download limited. If you are a heavy internet user you may want to choose an unlimited broadband plan. If you plan to use your internet connection for online gaming then choose an option with fast upload speeds, download speeds and unlimited downloads. Alternatively if you only plan to browse the web and send emails the cheapest packages should be sufficient for your needs. Some fixed ADSL and fibre optic plans include a free wireless router and others have this as a paid extra. It is also worth considering where you want to get online; if you regularly want access from your laptop in different locations a mobile broadband package may be the best option. Finally think about if you want to sign up to a contract or go for a prepaid wireless broadband plan. If you are a regular user of broadband a contract will often work out cheaper but for occasional users or those who don’t want the financial commitment of a contract choosing a prepaid mobile broadband deal could be the best option. Before you decide which fixed or mobile internet plan you want to opt for you might want to read some home broadband reviews or mobile broadband reviews to see what others think of their providers.

Finding the best deals

The best broadband deal for one person will not always be the best for another. For example an online gamer is more likely to need a high end fast broadband service with high speeds and unlimited downloads, an occasional user would be fine with a cheap broadband option and business users or students who want to get online in different places may find mobile broadband the best option for them. Equally the best mobile broadband options will differ from one person to another so make sure you take into account how you will use your connection before committing to a contract.

Running a speed test

Are you unsure of your broadband speed? Try our internet speed test and run a speed check to see how fast your connection is. You can visit our internet speed test here and see if you could switch to a faster provider and save money on your bill.