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ADSL2 Plans

Among the many recent advancements in broadband technology one of the most significant is the release of the super fast broadband technology known as ADSL2 Broadband. Download speeds of up to 24Mbps are currently offered by ADSL2 broadband, which is twice that of its predecessor ADSL, which offered up to 12Mpbs for data downloading. Although cable broadband still offers some of the fastest download speeds around, the upgrade to ADSL2 broadband now means that this DSL service now offers serious competition to its rival technology.

Which providers currently offer ADSL2 internet?

There is now an increasing number of providers that are capable of offering their customers ADSL2 broadband plans including dodo, iiNet, Optus and Telstra, and with the rising rollout of new cabling throughout Australia ADSL2 availability will continue to increase. Even with the deployment of new broadband cabling, access to these services is still restricted to local exchanges that have been enabled to use this service and then only for customers that are within range of these ADSL2+ broadband ready exchanges. The distance from the ADSL2 broadband enabled exchange also defines the speed of service you will get and the 24Mbps broadband access will drop the further from an exchange you get.

Who will ADSL2 broadband plans be suitable for?

File sharers, users who wish to view or stream video and audio files and online gamers are just a few of the types of people that will see huge benefits in having access to super-fast ADSL2 broadband services. The ADSL2 broadband service was developed in order to provide heavy broadband users with access to the best that the internet currently has to offer in terms of online gaming, video and audio streaming and the increasingly media-rich websites that have now become very popular.

The positive and negative aspects

Any customer that falls into the heavy user category will find that the high-speed access provided by ADSL2 will offer them everything they need to access everything the internet currently has to offer. There is, however, a downside to ADSL2+ broadband and that is the need to be next door to an exchange in order to get the best possible speeds from their ADSL2 broadband service. Many users will find that because of this the 24Mbps download speeds that are offered by most providers will depend on their geographic location and where they are in relation to the ADSL2 broadband enabled exchange. Another contributing factor to broadband connection speed issues is the contention ratio that each provider has, which simply means the number of users that may share the same broadband line. Areas where a large number of users are with the same broadband provider will usually experience the biggest slowdown as they have to share their line with lots of other users. For this reason even users that are very close to an ADSL2 broadband exchange may get slow connection at times when there are lots of people trying to get online at the same time.