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ADSL2+ Starter

Download: ADSL2+

Limit: 20GB

Term: 1 Mth


per month

1300 579249

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Naked Broadband

Naked DSL & ADSL Broadand

We’re often asked “what is naked DSL and ADSL?” and despite the slightly dodgy sounding name it is simply a term for an internet connection without a phone service. DSL stands for digital subscriber line and naked DSL is such a line with no phone service attached. Naked ADSL is a very similar service but is delivered by a slightly different technology call asymmetric digital subscriber line. These broadband plans give you a broadband connection but there’s no need to pay a monthly phone rental making them a great option for those who don’t need a home phone line and want to save money on their broadband bill. In simple terms these plans are those which offer only a naked broadband connection with no phone service and no need to pay phone line rental.

What about ADSL2+?

Naked ADSL2+ and ADSL2 describe naked broadband services with ADSL2 or ADSL2+ technology which allow greater speeds. These speeds are achieved through a more advanced form of ADSL which uses updated equipment at both the telephone exchange and at your end of copper line supplying your broadband connection. By allowing two lines to be ‘bonded’ together this facilitates the faster speeds. If you live a long way from your telephone exchange (the further you live the slower your broadband speed usually is) an ADSL2 package will be a better option and can supply download speeds of up to 20Mbs and potentially more.

Which plan is right for me?

As with any broadband plan, take into account how you plan to use your connection and pick a deal that has suitable speeds, data allowances and is within your budget. It’s worth checking the contract length as well as it is usually expensive if you want to try and break from your contract early. As with any provider it’s worth reading up on reviews and comparing offers on our comparison tables to make sure you get the best naked internet provider for your needs at the cheapest price available. Plans are available from Optus, TPG, iPrimus, Telstra, Bigpond, Dodo, iinet, Spin, TPG and more. We compare the different features of the various providers so you should be able to find a good deal from a provider that covers your area by using the Broadband Expert comparison tables. We update the deals listed regularly so you should always be able to find the best cheap deals here.