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Virgin Mobile

Mobile Broadband WiFi 2GB

Speed: 3G

Limit: 2GB

Term: 12 Mths


per month

Mobile Wifi

Mobile Hotspot

Over recent years it has become increasingly easy for tech-savvy consumers to get online and surf the web whilst they are on the move, which has provided people from all walks of life with flexibility, convenience, ease, and freedom. Consumers now have a choice of connection options as well as a range of internet enabled devices to choose from, making it easier than ever to get online whilst out and about. This increased freedom has enabled both casual and business internet users to benefit from total convenience and flexibility when it comes to using the Internet. One of the ways in which people use the Internet whilst on the move is via WiFi hotspots, which can be found in a range of public areas including some bars, eateries, and venues. Others use the 3G networks that are provided by the various mobile network providers to connect to their 3G devices such as smart phones, internet tablets, and laptops with the use of a 3G dongle.

Create your own mobile hotspot

With the advancements in technology internet users are also now able to create their own mobile hotspot with the use of MiFi. This is a small device, about the size of a credit card, which enables the user to create a sort of mobile WiFi cloud within a specified range, which means that multiple devices can be used to get online via that one MiFi device. MiFi is a great way for family members or friends to use their internet enabled devices via 3G networks from one connection, providing increased convenience and ease. Often MiFi is referred to as a personal hotspot, and this is exactly what it creates. You can connect a specified number of internet enabled devices via that one MiFi device and within a set range, and the WiFi cloud that the device creates will be present wherever the person with the MiFi device is connected (providing, of course, the provider offers coverage in the area).

Why use MiFi for your personal mobile hotspot?

Whilst having a 3G enabled device or a regular 3G dongle is absolutely fine for one person who wants to get online whilst on the move there are cases where other people within a group, whether colleagues, friends, or family, may also want to be able to get online at the same time whilst out and about. Being able to create your own WiFi hotspot with a MiFi device makes this easy and convenience, as up to five devices can connect at the same time via the same 3G connection. Whether you use this with colleagues to conduct business whilst on the move or whether you are out and about with friends and family who have devices that they could connect via your 3G network you will find that this is a great way of keeping everyone happy and enabling everyone to get on with surfing the Internet without any hassle.