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The last few years has seen many drastic changes in the way the internet is accessed as broadband has become cheaper and its speeds have increased. It is even becoming easier to use wireless broadband as new technology improves the range and speed of wireless routers and makes them simpler than ever to set up. Mobile internet, however, is a technology that completely changed the online lifestyle of online users because it allows for a whole new kind of freedom to use their mobile internet to access the web when they are out of the office or away from home. The significant difference with using the mobile internet is that wherever there is a mobile phone signal users can get onto the mobile internet. If you are looking for a cheap mobile internet plan you cam compare prices of the various different plans available in Australia with the comparison table above. This should help you find the best mobile internet plan for your needs.

What benefits does do mobile internet plans offer?

One of the greatest benefits of using a mobile internet plan is that there is no longer the problem of only being able access the internet from fixed locations. All that is needed is either a data card or USB modem and a laptop and you are free to browse the mobile internet from almost anywhere. This freedom means that for mobile internet plan users, access to the internet can be achieved without the need for network or telephone connection and is ideally suited to those who spend a lot of their time out of the office or the home. The recent limitations of having to use a mobile phone for mobile internet access, where the size of the screens on these types of devices and the speed they could download at was a serious concern, is not an issue now that users can access the mobile internet using full sized laptops. Using the mobile internet now means that when users are not at work or in their house they can still access the internet in exactly the same way from nearly anywhere in the country.

The positive and negative aspects of using the mobile internet

Mobile internet, like many other types of broadband internet access, has it good points and it's bad. The most obvious good point is the freedom that the mobile internet provides users, with users able to go almost anywhere in the country and be able to use their mobile internet connection. With the constant improvement of the technology used for mobile internet access the issue of speed when compared to fixed lined internet access is becoming a much small gap and as such users can now access their mobile internet whilst on the move almost as fast as someone connecting over a fixed broadband connection. Coverage, or where you are able to access the mobile internet, is one of the negative aspects of the mobile internet and this is because the mobile internet uses mobile phone networks in order to access the internet. This will mean that there will be certain areas in the country where you will not be able to access the mobile internet in the same way as you may not be able to get a signal on your mobile phone in some places. Speed is another downside for the mobile internet and even though web access using the mobile internet is getting a lot faster than it used to be the mobile internet still has quite a way to go before it can match the speeds of fixed-line broadband connections. Finally there is the cost of the mobile internet and this has both positive and negative aspects depending on how you wish to use your internet access. If, for instance, your are a light user who travels around a lot and needs regular access to the internet the premium you pay for this mobility is worth it. On the other hand, if you are a medium or heavy user and only occasional move around the cost of mobile internet plus the cost of large data download limit may make the mobile internet an unviable option. In either case looking for a cheap mobile internet plan is becoming far easier now due to the increase in competition between service providers to offer mobile internet access

What other options are there apart from mobile internet?

Things have become much easier for a great many people since the mobile internet appeared, mainly because using fixed-line connections in one place are no longer an issue. There are, however, times when mobile internet may not offer exactly what you need from your internet connection. An alternative to this may be using wireless broadband, which doesn't offer the same level of coverage as mobile internet but it does have the advantage of faster download speeds. Wireless broadband access is given through wireless routers in the home or at the office and there are an increasingly large number of Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country. Using wireless broadband as an alternative to mobile internet may be ideal for many users but it is worth remembering that although it has much faster speeds than mobile internet it still has a way to go to reach the same level of coverage.